Lilas De Biarritz
Fresh, Sweet, & Sensual
Lilas De Biarritz   Candle 760 grams
Lilas De Biarritz Candle 760 grams
“Lilac - the harbinger of Spring. The fresh floral breeze that languidly drifts towards summer.” - Roja Dove.
Lilas De Biarritz Olfactory Description
Lilac essential oil is obtained from Syringa Vulgaris which was introduced into Europe from Iran. The oil has always been reproduced synthetically as it was impossible to obtain an oil using the methods of extraction that were available until the discovery of extraction using Carbon Dioxide. This method allows the production of natural oil, albeit that yields are very low and not always stable.
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Lilas De Biarritz Candle 760grams
Candle 760grams
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Lilas De Biarritz Candle 220grams
Candle 220grams
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