Jasmin De Grasse
Sweet, & Sensual
Jasmin De Grasse   Candle 760 grams
Jasmin De Grasse Candle 760 grams
“Jasmine - rare and legendary. The jewel in the perfumer's crown - it exudes incomparable sophisticated sensuality.” - Roja Dove.
Jasmin De Grasse Olfactory Description
Jasmine is one of the most important of all materials used in perfumery. It is at once rich, sensual, fruity, warm, narcotic, flowery and animalic. The finest and most highly-prized Jasmine comes from Grasse, where it was first introduced in the mid sixteenth-century and where it is known simply as 'the flower'. The microclimate there gives Grasse Jasmine a distinctive odour, which sets it apart from any other. It takes some 1,200 kilograms, or five million blossoms, each picked by hand, to produce a kilo of the absolute. A best picker can pick around six kilograms of jasmine a day, therefore each kilogram of absolute requires 200 days of labour.
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Jasmin De Grasse Candle 760grams
Candle 760grams
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Jasmin De Grasse Candle 220grams
Candle 220grams
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Jasmin De Grasse Reed Diffuser 75cl
Reed Diffuser 75cl
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Reed Diffuser Decanter 75cl
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