Fresh, Sweet, & Sensual
Néroli   Candle 760 grams
Néroli Candle 760 grams
“Neroli - noble and refined. At once fresh, sweet, and indolent - it induces a sense of serenity and contentment.” - Roja Dove.
Néroli Olfactory Description
Neroli is the name for the essential oil of the Bitter Orange tree, also known as the Bigarade Tree. The oil took its name in the seventeenth century when the Duchess of Bracciano, Princess of Nerola, used it in her bath water and to scent her gloves. It is invaluable, and is used in more than 10% of all creations. Native to Southeast Asia, today, the main production areas are in Lebanon, Tunisia, and Morocco. At daybreak, once the dew forms, the flower buds are carefully hand-picked. The blooms are processed immediately after picking to fully preserve their freshness. The fruits and green twigs can also be distilled to obtain an oil.
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Néroli Candle 760grams
Candle 760grams
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Néroli Candle 220grams
Candle 220grams
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Néroli Reed Diffuser 75cl
Reed Diffuser 75cl
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Reed Diffuser Decanter 75cl
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