The Smell Of Money
Chypré: Warm & Dry - Soft, & Animalic

“I was asked by The Sunday Times whether I could capture the scent of the traditional £10 note before we lose it and it becomes plastic. It is one of the more esoteric things I’ve ever been asked to do, like creating the Scent of Sex for The Barbican, or the scent of Chatsworth House Garden for RHS Chelsea Flower Show with Laurent-Perrier. It is one of the more fun things to be asked because it really makes you stop and think: “What is the smell of a £10 note?”. Never having thought about it before, I realized that new money smells of paper and ink and old money ends up becoming the smell of humanity. Notes pass through our hands, so whatever your age, your gender, colour or creed, that same note has most likely lived many different lives. I like the idea that these notes float literally everywhere and they themselves are totally classless and all-embracing. The smell of the imprint of humanity is totally multifarious. It is the smell of something rounded and aged – something that extends to the darker reaches of life: It is the woody smell of paper and the slightly chemical tone of ink that meets the interior of a leather wallet and the sweat and toil from the many hands and everything they have touched throughout its lifetime.” - Roja Dove.

Just one bottle exists and it is being auctioned by Givergy to raise money for charity. Roja hopes that the scent of money can help benefit those that really need it - that have none. All proceeds will go directly to the Albert Kennedy Trust, the UK’s LGBT youth charity that provides safe homes, mentoring, training and support to young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Discover more with Roja’s video diary.

The Smell Of Money Olfactory Description

Opens with a burst of vibrancy to capture the scent of ink, warmed by the smell of paper before revealing the multifaceted aspect of humanity, which is dirtier, oilier and sweeter, with whispers of Leather.

The Smell Of Money Ingredients
Top Notes:
Aldehydes, Bergamot
Heart Notes:
Adoxal, Iso-Cyclocitral
Base Notes:
Elemi, Papyrus, Gurjum, Saffron, Patchouli, Birch Wood, Cashmir Wood, Orris, Leather