Aquatic Perfumes That Evoke Beaches & Oceans

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It is natural that during the summer months, we crave the refreshing feel of an aquatic cologne. The best beachy perfumes feel like a refreshing sea breeze.

Nothing epitomises the enjoyment of the summertime quite as much as a day at the beach. Surrounded by sun, sea and sand, it is where we go to indulge and escape.

So, what better experience is there to capture inside of a scent?

Oceania Eau De Parfum is the ultimate fresh perfume for the sunny season. So, join us as we dive into this idyllic beachy perfume in more detail.

Roja Parfums Oceania Eau De Parfum 

How The Ingredients Work:

A fragrance which avoids using synthetic marine notes to evoke an olfactive seascape, Oceania is crafted from high-quality natural materials to evoke the scent of the ocean.

Creamy floral tones of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang form the heart of the fragrance, evoking the heady scents of tropical plants growing along the coastline.

The typically powdery note of Orris instead becomes airy and light – giving the effect of a gentle breeze blowing off the shore.

As it folds into sunny Citrus notes, milky Sandalwood feels like skin covered in sun cream and warmed by the sun over the course of the day.

Juicy Citrus and Juniper Berry mingle with dewy Geranium for a refreshing, aquatic sensation.

Touches of green round off this altogether blue fragrance: Moss and Vetiver feel like a verdant shoreline whilst Galbanum and Herbs add a bounty of kelp to turquoise waters.

 Roja Parfums Oceania Eau De Parfum

Give A Little Back:
Concerned by the vulnerability felt by our fragile oceans, Roja Dove created Oceania as a chance to give back. For every sale, we donate 5% of the profits to The Marine Conservation Society U.K. A not-for-profit organisation, The Marine Conservation Society U.K works with businesses, governments and communities to help clean and protect our oceans. We believe that every donation is vital in helping to revitalise our primary life source.

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