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Here at Roja HQ we know how hard it can be to keep up with the art of matching your scenting rituals to the rapidly-changing seasons. It feels as though a new season creeps up on us within a matter of days and all of a sudden, those summer spritzes we were wearing last week feel too uplifting.

The moment the air clears away the languid heat of high summer and carries with it the suggestion of crisper days ahead, we begin to crave the enveloping sensation of more sumptuous scents for that instant cosy feeling.

So, we introduce you to our Fall Fragrance Edit – a collection of our best fall perfumes hand-picked by your Customer Experience team here at Roja HQ that we feel offer some ideal autumnal comfort.


Enigma Aoud
100ml Parfum - £595

If the fragrance you desire for Fall feels like it’s dripping in luxury, then Enigma Aoud is the one for you. With a distinctly “evening wear” feel, it evokes the setting of an elegant cocktail party.

A dosing of Aldehydes creates a shimmer effect like the glow of crystal chandeliers catching on objects around the room: A Baccarat champagne fountain, a Rolex watch, a diamond earring. But beyond the eye-catching dazzle, the thing that really captivates the crowd is the trail of Enigma Aoud in the air.

This velvety-soft creation snuggles the juicy Ambrée styling of Enigma Parfum into the enveloping world of Aoud for an even more compelling sensation. Based around Aoud, Sandalwood, Peach and Vanilla, the smoothness of these core materials work harmoniously together to result in a scent as soft as sliding cashmere across clean, warm skin.

Peach – not bright and juicy like squeezing the fruit – instead feels like stroking the soft skin of its outer curves. Becoming even smoother, the Peach melts into the sweetness of Vanilla which is made even creamier by the Sandalwood – a material which brings the sensation of warm skin to any perfume.

A sweet and creamy wood, it is counterpointed by the dry warmth of Aoud Wood, which tempers the sweetness of the entire accord and results in something that is perfectly unisex and utterly compelling to any who cross its path.



Enigma Parfum-Cologne
100ml Eau De Parfum - £225

If your ideal scent for the colder seasons is one that wraps you up in a haze of hedonistic intrigue, then look no further than Enigma.

This glowing amber-coloured glass showcases it as the quintessence of an autumnal scent, but what’s inside takes it even deeper. So, follow us on down the secret stairway of a Mayfair Private Members Club and take a seat in the sumptuous smoking lounge.

Here, you’ll feel what Enigma manages to bottle: A suave setting that provides a cosy retreat from the cold outside, where indulgence can be imbibed in with complete anonymity.

Famous for its mouth-watering boozy Cherry Cola sensation, Enigma situates a juicy blend of Citrus notes around a touch of the Cherry Pie feel of Heliotrope to create a juicy, effervescent blend. Splashing in a healthy dash of sticky Cognac, and softening it with the velvety sweetness of Vanilla and Benzoin, a cocktail as smooth and sweet as Caramel is created.

In one hand, a drink, the other, a fine Cuban cigar, a central note of Tobacco brings a dry and smoky counterpoint to the sweetness, taking Enigma into the realm of exceptional masculine perfumery.

Ambergris rounds off the entire accord with an undertone of sensuality, keeping the nose completely addicted to the act of inhaling it. And that is exactly what Enigma captures – the ability to create a scene and the inability to leave it behind.



Amber Aoud Parfum
100ml Parfum - £595

If we can help you explore a new interpretation of this iconic creation by setting an autumnal scene, then please indulge us.

Whilst known for its exotic, indulgent appeal, try stepping back from the notions of Middle Eastern perfumery and see Amber Aoud in a new light – which is exactly how this scent started, anyhow: An homage to the Middle East but done so through the eyes of a Western Perfumer.

Dry Sandal, Aoud and Birch Woods blend with the earthy tones of Patchouli and Oakmoss to lay a natural, woodland bed. Stepping through fallen foliage, the uplifting freshness of Rose de Mai creates a cool breeze across the entire composition and mingles into a note of Fig to result in a sticky, jammy sensation. Evoking memories of enjoying the riches of nature’s harvest and turning fruits into conserves to enjoy on a cosy Sunday morning, the tasty tones of Benzoin fold into the gentle spice of Cinnamon to evoke them being spread across toasted brioche and enjoyed alongside a steaming cup of Chai spice tea.

Comforting, enveloping and delicious, Amber Aoud is the perfect perfume to wrap yourself in as Autumn turns into winter and keeps us all inside.



Burlington 1819
100ml Eau De Parfum - £295

If your idea of a perfect day is that sort of one where the sun is shining but there’s a chill in the air, then 1819 is your match!

A scent with an incredibly visceral feeling, it somehow manages to bottle the sensation of stepping outside into the crisp morning air. You feel uplifted as the sun brightens the scenery and the cold tingles your nostrils, but you also feel cocooned and confident, wrapped up in that coat you perhaps spent a bit too much on but which makes you look amazing.

In 1819, that sense of both invigoration and envelopment come together in perfect harmony as an ultra-fresh top of Grapefruit and Mint blend with enlivening Ginger and Rum contrasting against a rich and complex Ambrée base. The weight of natural-earth Woods, Spices and Mosses bring an inherent dryness and warmth, which is softened by the warm, velvety sweetness of Benzoin and Vanilla and given a touch of sensuality from Ambergris and Musk.

1819 is a scent of two carefully-crafted layers and void of any heart notes. The resulting effect is a revelation of two opposing sides – as opposed to being at odds, they complement each other perfectly… just like sunshine and clear skies on a chilly autumnal day.


Enigma Essence De Parfum
100ml Eau De Parfum - £225

If the kind of scent you seek has the sensation of a yellow floral with drops of juicy Amber dripping down its petals, then Enigma is your Autumnal go-to. Imagine the feeling of Golden Hour, when the sun is at its softest and most beautiful light before it sets for the day. Wherever you are is bathed in a glow of apricot hues and the air feels electric. That is the sensation of Enigma.

Drenched in the rich, ambery tones that are synonymous with Autumn, Enigma nestles on a huge bed of soft-skin Sandalwood cushioned by the sensuality of Ambergris. The balsamic, slightly salty nuances of Ambegris settle perfectly into a touch of earthy Patchouli to bring balance to the creamy sweetness of Vanilla and Sandalwood… like folding a touch of sea salt into indulgent hot cocoa.

A floral heart which centres around the honeyed scent of Ylang Ylang, folds in juicy Peach and Mandarin to complete the bring a vibrant orange glow to the whole experience. A sweeter palette but crafted in a sophisticated way, the smooth and creamy styling of Enigma makes it ideal for those who want to smell appealing to the senses.


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