The Best Perfumes & Colognes For Fall

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Our Favourite Fall Fragrances
When the heat of summer lifts, we stop looking for scents that make us feel refreshed. A deeper, richer, more enveloping perfume is the perfect antidote to those cold weather blues. Follow our guide to our best fall perfumes and colognes and find the one you want to wrap yourself up in.


Roja Parfums Apex Parfum 50ml
NEW: Apex Parfum
50ml £375
A strong scent in itself, our dark, tropical jungle perfume Apex EDP has just got even more intense. Now available in a pure Parfum concentration, this even richer liquid bathes you in the glow of Pineapple and Citrus, loses you in the greenery of leaves, and disguises you in the shadows of the canopy with the dark effect of Leather. Ideal for those who want a unique scent with a huge presence, Apex Parfum is the next powerhouse perfume.

Roja Parfums Enigma Pour Femme Essence De Parfum 100ml
Enigma Essence De Parfum
100ml £245
A voluptuous yellow floral perfume, Enigma is perfect for taking from those late summer nights and into the start of Fall. With Amber-hued fruit notes blending with vibrant yellow Ylang Ylang and golden Sandalwood, this fragrance is composed of the ultimate autumnal palate. The resulting effect? An velvety-smooth and enveloping fragrance to snuggle into.

Roja Parfums Amber Aoud Parfum 100ml
Amber Aoud Parfum
100ml £595
The classic Middle Eastern blend of Rose, Saffron and Agarwood gets taken to new heights in our iconic Amber Aoud. Laden with rich Ambergris and exotic Oud Wood, this ruby-red scent is as rich as it gets. Layer in the warm and comforting smoothness of warm Cinnamon and Benzoin, and you have a fragrance that feels as comforting as a fireplace during Fall.

Roja Parfums Enigma Pour Homme Parfum Cologne EDP 100ml Enigma Pour Homme Parfum-Cologne
100ml £245
Famous for its “boozy cherry cola” vibe, there is something incredibly comforting about Enigma. Sweet Vanilla, Benzoin and cherry-like Heliotrope blend with Cognac and Tobacco to create this olfactive surprise. Spritzing this ideal Fall Cologne is akin to the feeling of nestling into a comfy couch and tucking into a cheeky cocktail. 

Roja Parfums Diaghilev Parfum 50ml
NEW: Diaghilev Parfum
50ml £375
When the cold starts to settle in and we seek a scent with more punch, a perfume fit for purpose is Diaghilev. Arguably our most decadent creation, this blend of 33 ingredients creates a bold scent reminiscent of the Golden Era glitz. A Fruity, Floral and Leathery Chypré accord created to feel like a rising velvet curtain to scent an entire theatre, Diaghilev is the king of impact and lasting power.

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