Get In The Oud Mood: A Guide Through Our Aoud Collection

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What Is Oud?

One of the most alluring words in the world of fragrance, Oud is a precious material obtained from Agarwood - the resinous heartwood of the Aquilaria tree.

Burnt as Bakhoor or applied to the skin as an oil, Oud has been a cherished material in Arabic perfumery for centuries.

Roja Dove spent three years working in the Middle East learning what it meant to create a truly authentic Oud experience.

We are incredibly proud of our Aoud Collection which offers a versatile palette of fragrances from which there is sure to be one to fit your style.


Which Oud Creation Is The One For You?

 Roja Parfums Aoud Parfum 100ml

The Original One
The Oud that started it all. When Roja Parfums launched in Harrods in 2011, our Aoud Parfum had customers whipped into a frenzy. An instant sell-out, new bottles were being carried into store each day just to satiate demand. A decade on, this compelling juice continues to capture the hearts and enchant the senses of Oud-lovers around the world. Based around the classic practice of styling Oud Wood with the freshness of Rose and the smoothness of Saffron, this holy trinity of fragrance notes form a precious perfume worthy of the hype. Wear Aoud Parfum and delve into a world of Middle Eastern delights.

  Roja Parfums Amber Aoud Parfum 100ml


The Iconic One
“Amber Aoud” – two words that touch the lips of anyone who knows and loves perfume. Our infamous cult classic, Amber Aoud is that scent – the one where once you have smelled it, you crave it. A liquid so addictive that it cannot be experienced just once, this harmonious blend of ingredients is like capturing lightning inside a bottle. A smooth, enveloping sensation occurs when the warmth of Cinnamon and Saffron blend with creamy Benzoin and Fig, creating layers of sweet and spicy tones that complement a base of salty Ambergris and rich Oud Wood. When you wear this fragrance, you are embraced in the truly enchanting experience known as “The Amber Aoud Effect”.

  Roja Parfums Musk Aoud Parfum 100ml


The Unexpected One
Usually layered into an exotic Ambrée accord, the typical styling of the Oud ingredient has been turned on its head. Inspired by the natural world, Agarwood is joined by Sandalwood, Patchouli and Oakmoss to create a perfume grounded in the earthy Chypré style. Gone are the dreamy images of Middle Eastern palaces and golden sand dunes. Instead, an olfactive journey carries you through verdant forests where the Aquilaria trees grow. Hiding in the shadows of the canopy, a swathe of Animalic notes bring an undertone of sensuality. Ideal for those who love a scent with a shock factor, this is by no means your normal Oud.

  Roja Parfums Enigma Aoud Parfum 100ml

The Sunny One
A feeling you can’t quite put your finger on - that is how the enigma begins. An unfamiliar sensation like something from a dream, wearing Enigma Aoud feels like flying with the falcon, soaring across the sun-drenched deserts of Arabia. A base of golden Sandalwood and sparkling Aldehyde creates the effect of sunlight glistening across an endless sea of dunes. There, nestled in the sand, is a rare pocket of beauty. A mirage of juicy Bergamot and Peach mingle with dewy Geranium to form an oasis within the sprawling sandscape. A lost treasure in the middle of the desert, this fragrance is a delightful and somewhat mystifying experience.

 Roja Parfums Sweetie Aoud Parfum 50ml

The Yummy One
Welcome to a grand palace in the Gulf region where affluence is a way of life and indulgence fills every corner. Paying homage to local tradition, burning Bakhoors release the scent of Oud Wood and Frankincense into the air. The smell of melted butter, caramalised sugar and toasted almond weave out of the royal kitchen where a French pastry chef creates sweet treats for the Sheikh. Decadent and delicious, Sweetie Aoud teleports you to a world of Arabian riches where all you have to do is sit back and enjoy. A perfectly-balanced perfume, dry notes of Woods, Frankincense and Leather temper a gourmand sweetness, resulting in a deliciously addictive Oud.


Roja Parfums The Gulf Collection

A collection of three evocative fragrances dedicated to the Gulf Region, this collection of Oud Perfumes pay tribute to the unique personalities of the different countries. Explore them below.

A Funfair In Doha
Nestled on a base of notes which harken to a rich Arabian heritage, Qatar Parfum blends precious Agar and Cashmere Woods with smoky Saffron. But don’t be fooled into thinking this perfume is anything like your classic Oud accord. Taking the senses on a joyride into the twenty-first century, juicy notes of Peach and Pear melt into a sweet surprise of Candyfloss, resulting in a contemporary Oud with an edible edge. Dizzy from a day of sugary delights and flashing lights, a private car service chauffeurs you home from a funfair. The scent of fine Italian leather seats mingle with the sugar on your fingertips, reminding you that the living the elite lifestyle has its young-at-heart days. A wildcard gourmand, Qatar Parfum is an indulgent treat from the Middle East.

A Soukh In Muscat
Take a journey back in time to an ancient and mystical land where all the riches of the Soukh are laid out for the senses to enjoy. Beneath a blazing orange sun, an endless sea of stalls offer a plethora of local wares. Wandering through this maze of delights, a cacophony of scents fill the air: Aromatic aromas of teas, fruits spices mix with leather goods and sun-baked Papyrus, as Frankincense and Oud burn in Bakhoors. A fever-dream captured inside a fragrance, the sense of adventure one feels when they spritz Oman is impossible to resist.

A Rooftop In Dubai
A Rose Oud but not as you know it, vibrant Blackcurrant and Pink Pepper burst through a traditional blend of Agarwood and Frankincense, telling the tale of a modern metropolis bursting from the ground of the old UAE. Towering above the ocean, you ascend into the skies to attend a lavish rooftop party. The lights of downtown Dubai glitter against the Arabesque sky as smoky Cypriol and sugary Blackcurrant release a cloud of shisha in the air. This is the playground for those who love the fast-life. An exciting and energetic Oud perfume, UAE Parfum is an ode to the new city that never sleeps.

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