Going Gourmand - Our Favourite Sweet Perfumes

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The gourmand palette refers to perfumes that use notes with a gourmet quality.

From juicy fruits to creamy Vanilla, wearing a gourmand creation feels like gluttony but in olfactive form. The wearer gets all the indulgence but none of the guilt of consumed calories.

For sweet perfumes that use food notes to bring excess enjoyment, follow our recommendations for the best gourmand fragrances from our collection.


Elysium Parfum CologneElysium Parfum Cologne
100ml £245
Elysium is an uplifting fragrance where the juiciness of Fruits are made even fresher by a garnish of Herbs. Zesty Grapefruit and Lime blend with Apple, Blackcurrant and Juniper Berry to make Elysium a mouth-watering fragrance for men. Meanwhile, the aromatic qualities of Thyme and Pink Pepper make it brighter still, resulting in a fragrance that lifts the senses.


Enigma Essence De ParfumEnigma Essence De Parfum
100ml £245
An indulgent floral accord with gourmand delights running throughout, Enigma celebrates how food notes intoxicate the senses. Lively Bergamot, Lemon and Mandarin create a sunny disposition which melt into a heart of velvety Peach and Cherry-like Heliotrope. In the base, Vanilla mixes with the milky sensation of Sandalwood to create a sensation of Peaches and Cream.


Apex Eau De ParfumApex Eau De Parfum
100ml £265
A scent which uses gourmand notes to make it smell like summer in a bottle, Apex opens with prominent notes of Red Mandarin and Pineapple. Hiding inside the tropical paradise of its Chypré base, Juniper and Rum create a sneaky cocktail to please the palette even further. Like indulging in a Piña Colada on an island getaway, Apex is a must-have for the summer months.


Sweetie AoudSweetie Aoud Parfum
50ml £425
Our iconic Sweetie Aoud is indulgence done in the most sophisticated fashion. Inspired by fine French patisseries in Dubai, the scent of warm, buttery croissants fill the air. Mingling with spices and burning Bakhoor from a nearby Soukh, Sweetie is where two worlds collide. Sweet but never sickly, Sweetie Aoud brings depth and dimension to the traditional gourmand style.


Ti Amo ParfumTi Amo Parfum
50ml £425
A complex creation with many layers, Ti Amo takes the gourmand palette into a sensual realm. An artisanal chocolate effect is created by fiery Pink Pepper melting into delicious notes of Vanilla, Cocoa and Tonka Bean. Beneath, a base of aphrodisiacs, notes of fruity Mandarin, Pineapple and Heliotrope create the impulse of wanting to sink your teeth in further.


Qatar Aoud ParfumQatar Aoud Parfum
50ml £425
A unique Aoud creation, Qatar uses the gourmand palette to bring some fun to a traditional style of fragrance. Bringing a sugary counterpart to its woody base, a unique Candyfloss Accord mingles with a prominent note of Pear. Resulting in an Aoud with a distinctly pear-drop freshness, the confectionary quality of Qatar makes it feel like a day at the funfair.


Amber Aoud Crystal ParfumAmber Aoud CRYSTAL™️ 

100ml £595
A best-seller since it launched a decade ago, Amber Aoud has a delicious quality that makes it addictive to the senses. As Rose De Mai mingles with the sticky sweetness of Fig, a jammy sensation is created. Nothing better to enjoy it on than some freshly-baked treats, notes of Cinnamon and Benzoin create the sensation of French Toast and Cinnamon Buns fresh out the oven. An utterly indulgent Aoud, its infamy is not without justification.


Britannia ParfumBritannia Parfum
100ml £795
All the fun of a Great British picnic, Britannia feels like summertime in the park enjoying homemade chocolate cakes and fresh fruit salad. A perfume with a prominent Chocolate-Orange core, Vanilla and Cocoa melt over the juicy freshness of Mandarin, Peach and Tangerine. Perfect for gourmand-lovers looking for a bright delight, Britannia will sort them out for summer.

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