Party Time!

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There are many things to love about the holidays. From the decoration of spaces to the indulgence of food, what makes the season feel so special is the sensory experience of it all.

But one thing that was missed in 2020 was party season. With Covid keeping us all apart, 2020 lacked the feeling of revelry many of us are used to.

Now that we’re able to get back out there and celebrate, it’s time to think about the statement we want to make with what we wear.

So, follow our list of stand-out scents and find the one you want to make an impression with.

As ever, stay safe and beautifully scented!

The Roja Parfums team x



Danger Parfum-Cologne
Danger Parfum-Cologne
(100ml, £225)

A scent that’s sure to cause a stir, we can’t be held responsible for what happens when you hit the dancefloor wearing Danger. Intoxicating to the senses, this creation prays on the instincts that lie within us all, so wear it with caution! An indolic heart of Jasmine is given a masculine, barber-shop feel whilst the warm-chocolate vibe of Vanilla and Tonka Bean melt beneath, creating an indulgent tone. The strength of precious Wood notes form a solid foundation for this unapologetically masculine accord to build upon, all whilst the seductive impulse of Leather, Ambergris and Musk hide in the shadows. But hide it doesn’t, as Danger doesn’t shy from the spotlight.


51 Essence De Parfum51 Essence De Parfum
(100ml, £225)

A luxurious Amber-Floral creation, 51 is the kind of scent that makes elegance feel effortless. This unique hybrid marries a fruity Floral with a sweet and woody Ambrée to result in a scent so exquisite it appears to cast a spell on those who smell it. A squeeze of invigorating Citrus and Raspberry bring a lively disposition to an opulent bouquet of flowers where Rose, Jasmine and Lily take centre-stage. Creating a pillowy-soft base, sweet Vanilla and Benzoin melt into Sandal and Casmir Woods to create a warm, creamy effect that endures on the skin long into the night.


Vetiver Parfum-CologneVetiver Parfum-Cologne
(100ml, £225)

Like a designer suit-and-tie in fragrant form, Vetiver is the perfect example of a CEO scent. A perfectly-tailored and achingly-sophisticated Chypré, Vetiver commands admiration from those who stand in its presence. Based around the versatile material which balances earthy, leathery and smoky tones, the perfection of Vetiver is made greener through Cedar Wood and Needles whilst an enlivening burst of Citrus and Black Pepper lend an easy-going disposition. Perfect for making friends - but making them a little green with envy - Vetiver is a truly effective party scent.


Harrods Pour FemmeHarrods Exclusive Pour Femme
(100ml, £495)

Without a doubt, the woman who wears Harrods is the life and soul of the party! A bright and vivacious personality, this creation is built around a playful floral heart which is sweetened by the sticky scarlet juice of Cherry drizzled over creamy Vanilla and Sandalwood. But an inexperienced fragrance this is not, as a luxurious bed of Sandal and Casmir Woods layer with hints of Leather and Animalic notes to create a knowing smile of seduction. The scent of a woman whose personality dazzles as bright as a disco ball, Harrods Pour Femme is a fun and flirtatious fragrance to charm the crowd with.


Musk Aoud Absolue PrecieuxMusk Aoud Absolue Précieux
(30ml, £795)

For those who love to party all night, the mighty effect of an Absolué Precieux will carry you through to the morning light. A super-concentrated Aoud experience, just one spritz has the lasting effect of a pure Aoud oil. Built around a heart of crisp Rose de Mai, exotic Aoud and Sandal Woods and animalic Musk, this precious little perfume nestles onto a dry and earthy Chypré base with a distinctly leathery undertone. The ideal Aoud for someone looking for something not too sweet and laden with sensuality, it’s sure to make someone invite you to stand beneath the mistletoe.


NüWa ParfumNüWa Parfum
(100ml, £795)

A perfume for the true sophisticate among us, NüWa takes the elegance of the Rose to an ethereal realm. The sweetness of Benzoin and Vanilla settle onto Rose de Mai, creating the sensation of Turkish Delight dusted with sugar. Beneath, a touch of spices lend their heat to a smooth base of Sandalwood – a material marvelled for its ability to mimic warm skin. Like a caress of cashmere with a powdery projection that creates an aura around the wearer, the magic of NüWa is the way it feels as delicate as snowflakes settling on eyelashes.


ROJA Haute LuxeROJA Haute Luxe
(100ml, £2,500)

A rich, ambery perfume so luxurious that gold leaf dances inside it, ROJA Haute Luxe is the life of the party, just like its eponymous creator himself. Reknown for the lavish Christmas parties he throws each year, Roja’s passion for making everyone’s holidays happy are second to his love of perfumery. A celebration of all his favourite ingredients, the scent of Haute Luxe fills a room with an indulgent olfactive experience. A classical Chypré accord of Woods and Mosses is made to feel as smooth and enveloping as an Ambrée, as the sweetness of Benzoin and Vanilla meld with the sensual impulse of Labdanum and Ambergris. The height of hedonistic perfumery, Haute Luxe is sure to make those who wear it the centre of attention.

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