What's The Difference Between Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, and the unique Essence De Parfum?

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The fragrance market can be difficult to navigate. With so many scents to choose from, it can be confusing knowing what works best for you and when.

To help you through the proverbial jungle of it all, we thought we would help by first explaining the difference between the fragrance concentrations.

The first thing to be mindful of is that a fragrance is a blend of scented oil suspended in ethanol. Ethanol is what enables odour molecules to project. As it evaporates, it lifts the notes from the skin and into the air, which is how those around smell it.

So, if it is all the same thing, why are there different versions of it? How do perfume concentrations differ and how do you decipher which works for you?

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Eau De Cologne
Traditionally based around a blend of Citrus and Herb notes, a Cologne rarely has much in the heart or base and is generally made from between 2-4% of jus. As these materials are always the first to dissipate from the skin, the natural volatility of the Cologne structure makes it a very uplifting - but also very fleeting – experience.

Eau De Toilette
Not so much about perfuming as it is about refreshing, an EDT contains around 3-8% of scented oil. Giving an effervescent effect, they work as an instant pick-me-up. Ideal for someone who seeks a quick spritz with an unimposing effect, an EDT will however need regular re-application as around 80% disappears within 4 hours.

Eau De Parfum
An Eau de Parfum generally contains between 7-14% jus and is less concentrated than a pure Parfum. Due to an increased dose of top and heart notes, they appear bright and refreshing in character. Though they do not last as long as a pure Parfum, but they have more projection as they unfurl from the skin quicker, giving a scent with more impact but for less time. This makes them ideal for a when you want to feel uplifted and when you want to create an effective sillage without it being too imposing.

Parfum - or Extrait - is the most concentrated form fragrance. The excellent lasting power can be attributed to the high percentage of oils used. What is interesting to note is that the formula makes them appear softer, as they unfurl from the skin at a much slower pace. As a Parfum doesn’t project as quickly as the other concentrations, you get more of a story as the notes unfurl over a slower time frame. A Parfum is perfect for those who like the thought of spritzing in the morning and not having to re-apply again. 

Essence De Parfum & Parfum Cologne
A marriage of two olfactive worlds, Roja Dove created these unique new concentrations to present the quality of Perfume with the brightness of the Eau de Toilette and Cologne styles.
These fragrances have an uplifting feel and weightless aura whilst retaining the signature quality and lasting power of a Roja Parfums creation.
The equivalent of an Eau De Parfum, the quality of materials allows them to endure longer on the skin, all whilst increasing the use of brighter top notes for added impact and freshness.
So, if you are looking for an Eau De Parfum with added wow-factor, explore Essence De Parfum and Parfum Cologne now!

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