The Scents Of Spring

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The arrival of a new season heralds with it a bounty of scents. As the world is reborn and Mother Nature blooms once again, the air is alive with the refreshing aroma of Spring.

We tend to put the deep, rich perfumes of winter to bed and reach for lighter, more refreshing floral fragrances.

Follow our Spring Edit to discover a collection of invigorating fragrances that have a natural touch.

Lavande Des AlpesLavande Des Alpes
(300g Candle - £95)
A clean and natural home fragrance, our Lavande candle evokes the sensation of a crisp breeze rolling across the sprawling purple fields at the base of the Alpine mountains. The heady scent of Lavender fills the air, mingled with the earth in a foliage of Patchouli, Oakmoss and Cedar notes. Far from floral, this herbaceous aroma brings a soothing fragrance to the home. For the ultimate effect, let a little air in as you burn your candle and allow the Alpine freshness to unfold.


Paris Candle
(300g Candle - £125)
Built around a bright bouquet of flowers, our Paris candle is Springtime in the city. A gentle breeze blows off the Seine, sweeping up the scent of flower stalls and carrying their fragrance down cobbled streets. The Cherry-Almond tones of Heliotrope and Frangipani meld into touches of Vanilla, Rhubarb and Tonka Bean, creating a delicious gourmand edge that proves addictive. A fittingly romantic fragrance to represent the city of love.




Vetiver Parfum Cologne
(100ml Eau De Parfum - £245)
A true Spring green, this creation puts the complexity of the iconic Vetiver note to centre-stage. The root of an Indian grass, the smoky, earthy backbone of Vetiver is sublimated by uplifting Citrus Notes and with a green base of Galbanum, Celery Seed, Oakmoss and Cedar. The scent of the great outdoors complimented by a suavity of Leather and Spice, Vetiver is the kind of perfume that allows the wearer to stand as tall as the trees themselves.


Risqué Essence De ParfumRisqué Essence De Parfum
(100ml Eau De Parfum £245)
A fresh and flirty Chypré creation, Risqué nestles bright floral notes of Rose, Hyacinth and Chamomile into an earthy base of Patchouli, Oakmoss and Cedarwood. The Risqué part? Voluptuous Peach and leathery Labdanum layer in to create a naughty undertone, alluding to a romantic tryst hidden amongst the rows of flowerbeds between two star-crossed lovers.


Apex Eau De ParfumAPEX
(100ml Eau De Parfum £265)
Apex is a scent which celebrates the wonders of the natural world. An explosion of Citrus and Pineapple lead the way. Beneath the luminosity of these summer fruits, a broad Chypré base grounds Apex into the earth. Galbanum, Patchouli, Cypress, Oakmoss and Fir create an olfactive forest to get lost in, whilst a key note of Sandalwood forms the root of this earthy new fragrance.

 Reckless Parfum Pour HommeReckless
(50ml Parfum - £375)
An earthy creation with a spicy edge, Reckless is the type of scent which doesn’t hold back. No sweetness in sight, an immense feeling of greenery is established through notes of Cedar, Cypress and Oakmoss nestling amongst aromatic Herbs. Beneath the dominance of Woods and Mosses, an explosion of Spices adds to the dry warmth of this Reckless experience.


Harrods Exclusive Parfum Pour Homme
Harrods Pour Homme
(100ml Parfum - £595)
Harrods Pour Homme may be dedicated to the luxe life but this incredibly fresh Fougère reminds us of what truly matters. Representing the tranquillity of the great outdoors, green notes of Galbanum, Patchouli, Oakmoss and Vetiver form a natural foliage beneath a refreshing blast of Citrus and Herbs. It is Alpine air reinvigorating the senses with the pleasure of a majestic view. This is a moment of mindfulness captured inside a bottle.


Great Britain ParfumGreat Britain
(100ml Parfum - £1,250)
Great Britain feels like a fresh Spring day on the grounds of an English stately home. The scent of leather-bound books and polished wood fills the air of the Private Library. French windows opening onto pruned flower gardens, a crisp breeze of Clary Sage carries the scent of Roses, Violet and Moss indoors. A layer of dust is blown off the books that line the walls as Spring sweeps into the room and invigorates the air.

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