It's A Spring Thing!

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It's that time of year where everything comes alive. Days become longer, the sun shines brighter, and nature begins to bloom once again.
Whether you're looking to Spring clean your fragrance wardrobe or are ready for a more enlivening scent, you are sure to find your fits from our Spring Edit.
Our Spring scents look toward brighter, fresher aromas which present nuances found in Mother Nature. From touches of greenery to blooming flowers and ripe fruits, we have ways to let the outside in.

 Roja Parfums Vetiver Eau De Parfum 100ml

Vetiver Eau De Parfum
100ml £245
The ultimate Spring Green, this fragrance is a loving ode to the Vetiver ingredient. The root of an Indian grass, Vetiver is a beautifully versatile note which is at once fresh, earthy and smoky. This Eau De Parfum highlights these multi-dimensional nuances of the Vetiver itself: In the top, the freshness of Citrus lifts the entire accord like a Spring breeze blowing across fields of grass. In the base, Celery Seed and Galbanum feel rooted in the earth as smoky notes of Pepper and Labdanum create a dark, smoky undertone. The resulting effect is a natural-smelling scent with a suave sense of character.


 Roja Parfums Apex Parfum (50ml)

Apex Parfum
50ml £375
Apex was created specifically to explore man’s connection to nature. We begin to remember that relationship as the world wakes up and we start spending more time outdoors. Our best-selling scent of 2022, now is the perfect time to re-ignite that bond with nature by re-discovering Apex. The dryness of Woods and Mosses is balanced by the sweetness of juicy Citrus, Pineapple and Juniper Berry. A total green machine, Apex is sure to make you feel at one with the natural world.



Roja Parfums Manhattan Eau De Parfum (100ml)

Manhattan Eau De Parfum
100ml £295
A scent inspired by the concrete jungle doesn’t have to smell of iron and cement. Forget not that the heart of the island is entirely green! Core notes of Patchouli and Cedarwood remind us that New York is built around Central Park. Much like the island itself, the formula for this fragrance is built around a heart – a heart of Heliotrope. A fresh flower with aspects of Almond and Cherry, Heliotrope will follow the path of the sun throughout the day. These little purple blossoms mirror how within the sprawling urban streets, New Yorkers are forever looking up to see the sky.



Roja Parfums Gardenia Parfum (50ml)

Gardenia Parfum
50ml £375
Florals for Spring may not be “ground-breaking”, but they come back every year because that draw is undeniable. As blooming flowers fill the air with their scent, we feel inspired to reach for perfumes in this style. A photorealistic recreation of the Gardenia flower, this Parfum signals that Summer is just around the corner. A bouquet freshened by juicy Bergamot and Peach Leaves, this creation gives the feeling of lawns and flowerbeds being manicured for the first time whilst crisp white sheets hang on the clothesline.



Roja Parfums Taif Aoud Parfum (100ml)

Taif Aoud Parfum
100ml £595
The latest addition to our Oud Collection, Taif Aoud brings a breath of fresh air to the line-up. Whilst a nod to traditional Middle Eastern perfumery, this is not a classic Rose-Oud accord. Free from the inherent heaviness of the style, this fragrance takes the nose to the open landscape of the Taif mountains where the precious Roses grow. Uplifting notes of Aldehydes, Bergamot and Cassis elevate the depth of the Agarwood, complementing the cool, dewy aroma of the Rose itself. A traditional pairing seen through a modern lens, Taif Aoud is the best way to wear Oud in the warmer seasons.  


   Roja Parfums 2ml Sample Sets

Spring/Summer Discovery Sets 01 & 02
7x 2ml £45
Our seasonal sets are back in stock! Ready to help you find the scent that will see you through the warmer seasons, our Discovery Libraries each feature an edit of 7 Eau De Parfum creations. Each sharing the unisex creations of 1819 and Oceania, the Pour Femme selection will show you Elixir, Enigma, 51, Reckless and Midsummer, whilst the Pour Homme selection will explore Elysium, Enigma, Apex and Vetiver.


Roja Parfums Baies De Suisse Candle

Baies De Suisse
300g £95
The abundant pleasures of the great outdoors are brought to life through a delicious harvest of succulent berries. Fruits in deep, rich reds cloak the meadows and woodlands. Drenched in sunlight, the rolling beauty of the Swiss landscape gently carries the ripe, sweet scent of berries on its crisp, clear breeze.

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