The Scents Of Summer

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Match your scent to the season with our guide to our best summer perfumes. Our selection of fresh, floral, and fruity fragrances embody the sunny vibes of the summer months.


Roja Parfums A Midsummer Dream Eau De Parfum

A Midsummer Dream
100ml Eau De Parfum £295
An olfactive forest warmed by the glow of the sun, A Midsummer Dream layers an enormous note of Grapefruit into an earthy base of Cyclamen and Patchouli. Taking on a dreamlike quality, the headiness of Aldehydes and Carrot Seed feel like dozing off under the shade of a moss-covered tree and slipping into a dream.


Roja Parfums Burlington 1819 Eau De Parfum 100ml

Burlington 1819
100ml Eau De Parfum £295
A truly unique accord, 1819 layers a rich Ambrée base with a swathe of uplifting ingredients to create a freshie with unrivaled sophistication and lasting power. The Citrus overload of Grapefruit, Lime, Mandarin and Orange is enlivened further by aromatic Mint, zingy Ginger and heady Rum. Like holidaying on the Riviera and enjoying a cocktail in style, 1819 is refined refreshment.


Roja Parfums Elysium Parfum Cologne 100ml

100ml Eau De Parfum £245
A specially-made weightless Musk note mingles with aromatic Herbs to lend an airy quality which is freshened even further by a juicy fruit salad of Citrus, Apple and Blackcurrant. Cedarwood and Pink Pepper – icons of masculine perfumery – bring a sunny warmth which resonates through the layers of this easy-pleasing Eau De Parfum.


100ml Eau De Parfum £295
A sensory escape to the Seychelles, Oceania is the quintessential scent of a tropical island paradise. Green notes and Sandalwood evoke a lush, verdant terrain circled by sandy yellow beaches, as juicy fruits create an aquatic ocean lapping the shore. Drifting upon a gentle sea breeze, the scent of flowering Jasmine and Ylang Ylang lift into the air, resulting in an idyllic experience on all levels.

100ml Eau De Parfum £265
A fragrance which evokes a tropical landscape under the blazing summer sun, Apex’s green and earthy accord is given a glowing aura by juicy notes of Citrus, Pineapple and Juniper Berry. A touch of Jasmine lends a smooth and tropical tone, resulting in a masculine-leaning fragrance that appeals to any taste.


Fortnum & Mason – The Perfume
50ml Parfum £425
With a design bearing the sun emblem of Fortnum & Masons famous clock, this creation translates that radiant sensation through a golden glow of Lemon, Peach and Sandalwood. A fresh and juicy lift to an Ambery base, this Nectar-like fragrance is like taking breakfast on the terrace as the sun rises.


Enigma Aoud
100ml Parfum £595
A fresh, fruity Aoud, Enigma Aoud is like being transported to the sun-drenched desert of the Middle East. A Sandalwood base is freshened by sparkling Aldehydes mingling with juicy Peach and Bergamot which creates the effect of sunlight glistening across sand dunes.


Neroli Candle
300g Candle £95
Like summer in full bloom on the Tunisian coast, the scent of the Bitter Orange tree is captured in a luxurious home fragrance. A Citrus-Floral accord, creamy Neroli flower is freshened by Lemon, Orange and Petitgrain, giving the sensation of plucking a fresh Orange from a blooming branch.

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