Willie Scents chooses his favourite Oud Fragrances

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We are excited to introduce our first ever guest blogger – fragrance influencer Willie!

As Autumn is a time where we notice people reaching for the enveloping warmth of our Oud fragrance creations, we thought of no one better than Willie to share his favorite Roja Parfums Aouds.

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 About: Willie is a 26 year old Digital Creator living in Finland.  With a creative flair and a passion for perfume, Willie launched his Instagram account @willie.scents in 2020 to share his hobby with an engaged online community.

Growing his account to amass an impressive 20,000 followers, fellow fragrance fans tune in to witness his striking photography, comical videos, and read his heartfelt musings on perfume.




Roja Parfums Amber Aoud 100ml
Amber Aoud Parfum
100ml £595
AMBER AOUD is like an endless journey where three legendary raw materials, Aoud, Rose and Saffron form the foundation of the composition.
The Journey starts off with shimmering citruses that quickly reveal the beauty of addictive sweetness and sensuous spiciness of Cinnamon, Saffron and voluminous Rose. The sumptuous creaminess of mouth-watering Fig and euphoric Sandalwood blends with a woody orchestra led by Aoud and Birch taking the composition to the exotic origin of One Thousand and One nights’ tales. 
There’s tamed animalic facets of Civet, natural Ambergris and Musk lurking here and there adding to the irresistible sensuality to the feel. Underneath this mysterious atmosphere lies seducing Amber accord led by a radiant and warm Benzoin.
Whenever I wear AMBER AOUD, it never feels the same which is why I never get tired of it. There’s always something new to discover like going on an endless journey in a land of exotism.


Roja Parfums Aoud Parfum 100ml
Aoud Parfum
100ml £595
This timeless and perfectly balanced composition led by three ancient raw materials is truly an excellent showcase that Roja really put a thought into it and knows how to create “an evergreen perfume”! While he pays a sincere homage to its origin, he manages to include a delicate signature that is appealing to the Western World.
Even these three materials which have been done over and over for centuries, he manages to keep it fresh and new whenever you put your nose on it.
It’s a shame that a sibling of Aoud, “Amber Aoud” takes all the spotlight whereas I see this as one of the best worka Roja ever created. It’s timeless even a decade after the launch and I see a very bright future ahead it.


Roja Parfums Sweetie Aoud Parfum 50ml
Sweetie Aoud Parfum
50ml £425
I wanna talk about a scent that takes a classic blend of Aoud-Rose to the contemporary round. Gourmand scents are nothing new but what makes Sweetie Aoud special is the photorealistic Patisserie accord made by Roja himself - combining unusual raw materials. It quite literally makes you want to eat some bakes and cakes. Who knows what effects it has on us and what happens after putting it on skin… I bet you might guess.
It starts off with a bitter green and slightly aromatic herbal, making me think of Atemisia which is in Vermount. I find it to have some similarity with the initial blast of PDLN 3. Just for a second I thought: “WHERE IS THE PATISSERIE?!” Just in the blink of an eye, all changes. The Patisserie accord lurks out of the shadow revealing itself together with sensuous and exotic spices from the East. This sensational gourmand odour merges with the blend of Rose-Aoud supported by balsamic, resious and dark woody facets. The smoky resinous feel is amped and warmed up by Frankincense making the whole feel smell like, when you open the oven door and you’re slapped on the face by the warmth and fresh buttery and brioche fume. The best kind of slap, trust me!


Roja Parfums Qatar Parfum 50ml
Qatar Aoud Parfum
50ml £425
Qatar radiates the golden spirit of the country which is known for their best and purest pearls in the world. The fragrance has Rose de Mai with indolic Jasmine at the heart of the composition. Around this majestic floral bouquet linger Peach and Pear giving off a mouthful and addictive fruitiness. The golden Amber rises up from the base, being pushed by natural Ambergris with a musky odour that gives a sensual edge.
The texture of the composition is powdery and fluffy due to the unique artificial accord, Cotton Candy accord that gives off that fluffy and sugary sweetness. Qatar is very warm, sweet yet deep and carnal with the precious Oud and earthy Patchouli in the base.


Roja Parfums Harrods Aoud Parfum 100ml
Harrods Aoud Parfum
100ml £595
As the bright day in a rainforest -like effect settles there rises a soily green earthiness, Patchouli. Together with a powerful note of Cyriol that has the tendency to mimic the Oudy feel. The “vegetal” musky facets from Ambrette mingles with resins such as Myrrh and Frankincense giving a smoky and enigmatic feel. These come to give off the ambiguously cooling but densely balsamic feel.
This is arguably Roja’s most unique Aoud creations so far! It’s rather aromatic, dry, musky, woodsy and uplifting composition that manages to keep the complexity of the raw material without being heavyweight. Therefore, I think this is quite versatile scent for those who love their Oud but want something more lighter Aoud to wear on the humid weather.


Roja Parfums UAE Parfum 50ml
United Arab Emirates Aoud Parfum
50ml £425
UAE” (الإمارات العربية المتحدة) represents the olfactive image of power and wealth. Rose de Taif, a symbol of nobility in the Middle East mingles with the wooden royalty, Aoud forming the core of the composition. 
Around it the dry earthy Patchouli, exotic Eastern spices and smoky silvery feel of Frankincense illustrate feel like burning a very precious piece of Agarwood, a bakhoor in household.
This glorious sensation is being carried by heavy Musk enhanced by leathery facets from Aoud and carnal Labdanum forward-Amber - a warrior horse carrying his Majesty on its back.
It’s the scent that emanates confidence and determinedness. A pompous, rich, straightforward Rose-Aoud truly lives up for the Spirit of the Union - truly The Essence of Nobility!


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