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Roja Dove


Roja Dove is an esteemed British Perfumer who was born in, England on the 25th of September 1956. His obsession with scents began at a young age following an enchanting encounter with his mother. On her way to a cocktail party, she came to give him a kiss goodnight and - frozen in time - her scent lingered long after she had left. Enchanted by the lasting power perfume could have, Roja’s lifelong obsession began.

Roja’s unfaltering passion for perfumes led him to begin a career in the industry at the age of 21. Obsessed with discovering everything there was to know, Dove would write to fragrance houses seeking further knowledge and insight. Deciding he would be less of a nuisance inside the company than outside of it, a prestigious French brand offered him a job. With his foot in the door, Roja received a wealth of training and would go on to work within the company for just shy of 20 years.

Upon departing, Dove moved into bespoke perfumery, creating luxurious scents for elite individuals and went on to open Harrods first specialist perfumery - The Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie. A trailblazing boutique which refashioned the rules of luxury perfumery. Its success inevitably led him to be encouraged by Harrods to begin his own brand.

Roja Parfums crafts the finest fragrances, using luxurious materials with the principles of craftsmanship inherited from Roja Dove. His house of perfume, decades later, offers you an opportunity to freeze time with scents that trigger emotions and create memories that linger.

“The three things that I wanted my brand to be when I created it are: “Creative, Opulent and Enduring”. The process of creation can take anywhere from 3-12 months to complete. My small home in the deepest, darkest depths of London’s Mayfair is also my creative space. I have hundreds of examples of raw materials lining the walls and my workstation, where I work from a custom-made Perfumer’s Organ. I blend each scent by hand and will work on the formula for any manner of months before I am happy with it. When I am ready to release it to the world, I will send the formula off to be compounded in Grasse, where it is then sent back to England to be diluted, filled and packaged.” - Roja Dove on his creative process

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