Clear Aoud Perfume

Our Clear Aoud Perfume is called Crystal Parfum; it is a unique product type to Roja Parfums.

Our Aouds are very dark due to the high concentration of fragrance ingredients from the wood and resin facets that produce dark oils in their natural form.

Care should be taken when spraying very dark fragrances on, or near, pale clothing.

To enable our clients that like to wear a large volume of fragrance, especially in the Aoud style which are particularly dark, we have created a Crystal Parfum version of each, formulated using specialist techniques to create colourless oils.

These fragrances are the same as their equivalent Aoud Parfum, formulated using highly sophisticated process of Molecular Distillation of the oils it contains. In Molecular Distillation the finished oil undergoes an additional distillation under reduced pressure at low temperature, which ensures there is no inter-molecular interaction, allowing the elements that cause the dark colouration to be removed, without affecting the overall odour.

The fragrances from our Aoud collection that have been created for both women and men in the Crystal Parfum formulation are listed here.

Amber Aoud Crystal Parfum

Oriental : Rich & Soft - Sweet, Spicy, Warm, & Sensual

Aoud Crystal Parfum

Oriental : Rich & Soft - Fresh, Sweet, Spicy, & Sensual

Musk Aoud Crystal Parfum

Chypré : Warm & Dry - Sweet, Spicy, Soft, Leathery, & Very Sensual