About Roja Parfums Arabic

Roja Parfums is an independent British perfumery house founded by Perfumer Roja Dove. We create fragrances rich in personality, using luxury ingredients and craftsmanship to tell stories that resonate around the world. From signature scents to home fragrances, each creation is crafted using the finest quality raw materials. Our fragrances trigger emotions and create memories – ultimately becoming an extension of your personality. A Roja Parfums fragrance is an item to treasure.

"I believe that everybody deserves to smell great and so the concept for Roja Parfums is based on a balanced and complete palate of scent, catering for all tastes and preferences, made using the best quality ingredients available. When you find a fragrance you connect with - it helps you become your truest self. It makes you feel sexier, makes you walk a little taller, and helps you believe that anything is possible. That’s the magic of perfumery that I wanted to capture in my brand. Each and every product we make is the best it can be - to help you become the best you can be.” - Roja Dove


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