Frequently Asked Questions

Parfum - or Perfume - is the most concentrated form of a Roja Parfums creation. They are the softest of all the strengths, as they have comparatively very few volatile materials in them, which is why they stay on the skin for such a long time, making them soft, long-lasting and very refined. Approximately 50 percent of the formula will stay on the skin for 24 hours.

Eau de Parfums are less concentrated than a pure Parfum and are generally more refreshing, due to an increase in top and head notes. They do not last as long as a pure Parfum, as they unfurl from the skin quicker, giving a fragrance with more impact but for less time.

Parfum Cologne is a new concentration created by Roja Dove which has been structured to be as refreshing as a classic Eau de Cologne due to enhanced top notes, with the quality and lasting-power of an Eau de Parfum.

Essence de Parfum is a new concentration created by Roja Dove which has been structured to display the bright and effervescent quality of a classic Eau De Toilette due to the increased top and head notes, with the projection and lasting quality of an Eau De Parfum. 

The best place to apply the fragrance is to your wrists, elbows, and collarbone. Do not rub it in - just let the fragrance unravel and work its invisible magic.

Like a fine wine, our fragrances will continue aging in their bottles beautifully as long as they are kept out of direct sunlight and away from direct heat. 

We are pleased to offer you a complimentary gift with each full-sized perfume purchased over £245.

When you add a bottle to your basket, a pop-up will appear which will show you the available gifts you can select. Simply choose which one you would like by clicking "add to basket".

Offer is applicable on a 1-for-1 basis on bottles 50ml and above and does not apply to purchases of smaller items combined to the value of £245.

This offer is valid only when purchasing from www.rojaparfums.com and cannot be honored by any of our other retailers.

To help you explore the Roja Parfums brand, we currently offer Discovery Collections which hold a curated selection of 2ml samples and Travel Collections which hold a curated selection of 10ml atomisers.

Please note that: (1) All 2ml Discovery Collections and individual samples are final sale and non-refundable.

Regrettably, we cannot accommodate the sending out of sprayed blotters, but you can explore our scents through our 2ml Discovery Collections and 10ml Travel Sizes.

At present, we are unable to offer a personalized gift-wrapping service. All our items will come in a luxurious e-commerce presentation box, which is perfect for gifting to loved ones. However, if you would like an additional, complimentary gift bag, please specify in the order notes and we will accommodate where possible.

For logistical and sustainability reasons, we regret to inform you that we are not able to have Perfumer Roja Dove sign products.

The Roja Parfums cap is integral to our brand and always has been. Our caps were designed by us and made exclusively for us. We do not sell caps separately.

We accept payments via PayPal and all major credit and debit cards including Amex, Visa, and Mastercard as well as financing options available through Klarna. Payments cannot be split across different methods. We do not accept checks or payments over the phone.

Due to the rarity of the natural materials Roja uses in his creations, we produce a limited number of fragrances each year. This means a maximum of 8 units per item per customer can be ordered. For promotional products a maximum of 3 items can be purchased - please note some exclusions apply.

Roja Parfums are able to deliver globally, for more information please refer to our Shipping Policy

If your country is not listed please email us for a quote customer-services@rojaparfums.com 

Orders will be processed and despatched during our working business hours – this excludes bank holidays and weekends – and may take up to 72 hours to be despatched.

Only authorized purchases will be processed and all orders are subject to bank authorisation.

All orders are delivered via a courier service and will require a signature upon delivery. Our couriers will not leave parcels unattended due to risk of damage or loss unless specified in the delivery instructions. If you request your item be left in a safe space, you will be responsible for any loss/theft of the item. 

For the UK and Europe please allow up to 3 business days for the status of the shipment to begin tracking to your shipping address, for the rest of the World please allow 3 - 5 business days. Tracking information will be emailed directly to you and the status of your order can be checked by logging in to your account and clicking on your order.

Unfortunately, we are unable to cover or pay Custom Tax and Duties for online orders.

All items on our webstore include VAT in their retail price.

To cancel or modify your order please email us at customer-services@rojaparfums.com within 1 hour of you completing your order and we will do our best to accommodate. Please note our headquarters are based in the United Kingdom and operate between 9am-5pm GMT time. Roja Parfums cannot guarantee modification or cancelation of orders once they have been processed within our warehouse.

We do our best to ensure that our products are of the finest quality and that they are shipped to you in a safe manner. If there is a fault with your product, please email us immediately at customer-services@rojaparfums.com stating your order number and including images of the product as well as a brief description of the issue. Additionally, refer to our Refund Policy for more information on damaged orders.

Please see our Refund Policy for more information on how to initiate a return or refund for your order.

If your product has been purchased from our website, or one of our accredited stockists, then your fragrance will be authentic. If you buy our fragrances from an unauthorised or second-hand source – we will not be able to authenticate, nor will we be able to assist. To benefit from our level of quality and customer service - and for your peace of mind -  we do not encourage buying our fragrances from unauthorised and second-hand sources. 

Due to our high volume of natural ingredients and high concentrations, you will find a small amount of sediment in our fragrances. This is a natural phenomenon that occurs in compositions that rely heavily on natural materials.  

Our home fragrances are made with the highest standard of materials but a little maintenance may still be required to help you get the most out of your candle: On first use, the candle should be burnt for a minimum of 2 hours to create a pool of liquid wax that reaches the edge of the jar. This will ensure the candle will burn evenly for future uses and will prevent the candle from tunneling. The wick should be trimmed to approximately 0.5cm before re-lighting your candle. If the wick is not trimmed – or the candle is near a draught – it could cause the candle to smoke and potentially leave a black residue inside the container. Each candle is fitted with a small metal locator at the base of the wick, and will automatically extinguish the flame once it nears the bottom. It is possible for there to be some wax residue in the bottom of the jar once the candle has extinguished itself. This is not a fault, but is a safety device.

Our fragrances are not tested on animals. Our fragrances do not contain animal materials, other than some compositions may contain beeswax or ambergris. Beeswax and Ambergris are natural excretions where the animal is unharmed.

We work tirelessly to ensure all of our fragrances comply with global legislation for the safety of our clients – a matter which we take very seriously. With global regulatory requests, we are obliged to make modifications to certain compositions. When modifications are announced, we work meticulously to ensure the fragrance reflects the original composition as closely as possible - whilst adhering to regulatory standards. This results in a composition that is safe for our clients – which is of paramount importance to us.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a Bespoke Service at this time. 

The information you provide will not be given to any third party without your express consent.