Office Christmas Party Personalities

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It's that time of year when everyone in the office comes together to celebrate the festive season.
But what happens when a room full of very different people come together? Well, there is always a story to tell...


Scandal Parfum-Cologne & Scandal Essence De Parfum
The Fling
Gasp! Did you hear what just happened? Did you have any idea there was a spark between those two? Now I come to think of it, I can actually see it. They’re both big personalities but they seem quite well suited, actually…


 Roja Parfums Manhattan Eau De Parfum 100ml

Manhattan EDP
The Hedonist
The way the lights from the glitterball are glinting across the glasses at the bar makes one start to feel a bit starry-eyed. Or it could be one too many Manhattan cocktails? Feeling swept up in the festivity of it all, surely one more couldn’t hurt…?


Reckless Essence De Parfum
The Troublemaker
When the free drinks are flowing, there’s always someone whose mischief will take the attention away from the antics of the group. But it was all in good spirit and it’ll all be alright in the morning. These stories will make for entertaining chat around the water cooler on Monday. She just got swept up in the party mood...


 Roja Parfums Sweetie Aoud Parfum 50ml

Sweetie Aoud
The Over-Indulger 
There’s always those who gather by the buffet table. Taking up residence by all the edible delights, the party reaches a point where clothes start to feel too tight. But now it’s being cleared and in comes a plethora of deserts. It would be rude not to... After all, the holidays aren’t about holding back!


Apex Parfum
The All-Nighter 
That colleague is an animal – they can go all night! From the reception to the meal, they’re the first one up dancing and the last to leave. The staying power this dude has is beyond compare. I’m sorry, you’re great fun but I cannot follow you to an after party of your own creation, I’m too full and my feet hurt. But you go have fun. Hope to see you looking fresh on Monday…


Parfum De La Nuit No.2
The Flirt  
That colleague is coming closer! The one with the ability to make whoever they’re conversing with feel like they’re the only person in the room. Their full attention on you, you lose yourself for a second. Hypnotized into their charm, you look into their eyes and notice that glint. Could this be a thing or is this just how they look at everyone…?



Amber Aoud
The Show Off
Big personalities always seem to dress to the nines when a special occasion is in question. Never one to hide from spotlight, they stride into the party looking more sparkly than the Christmas tree itself. It’s ostentatious, it’s over the top… but they’re really working that outfit. Here come all the compliments from fellow party-goers.



Enigma Pour Homme
The Mysterious Guest 
Who’s that? Have you seen them around the office before? I would definitely remember if I had. There’s something about them, don’t you think? I kind of can’t look away. They’d better be in the office on Monday morning or maybe I should try and get to know them better, now…



Christmas Candle
The Gift-Giver
I didn’t realise we were all giving gifts. Oh gosh, I feel so guilty now! But I should have known. They do this every year - I don’t know why I thought this year would be different. Aw, they’re so generous… I’ll make it up to them next year because I love this gift and am definitely taking it home to enjoy tonight.

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