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A sell-out scent when we launched the EDP in March, we have adapted this beloved liquid into a luxurious new Pure Parfum concentration.

Our new APEX Parfum is an enhanced iteration of the APEX story. With enriched freshness and inimitable longevity on the skin, our new addition is ready to help you reach the summit of your own Apex and become the best possible version of you!
Whether enjoying the bright and refreshing Eau De Parfum concentration or indulging in the depth and complexity of the new pure Parfum, there is an APEX experience waiting to happen.

Dark, fruity, green and smoky, APEX is a humid rainforest where mysteries hide in the shadows. Bright Fruit notes evoke clear blue skies as a swathe of Earthy tones unfurl to reveal the dark sensuality of Leather creeping out from the canopy.
Roja Parfums APEX Ingredients

Roja's inspiration for APEX came from man's connection to the earth and synergy with nature. Only by tapping into our inner being and embracing our instincts do we reach our APEX potential and become the best version of ourselves.

Roja Parfums Apex Parfum Cards
With each bottle of APEX, a special silver card lies inside. One of twelve animals will reveal itself to you - your own APEX Animal.
Whether brave like the Bear or wise like the Owl, these cards reveal our hidden potential by connecting us our very essence.
Roja Parfums APEX Face Filter
Why wait till your bottle arrives?
Allow your spirit animal to reveal itself to you by
Trying out our Instagram Filter.

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