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Light, bright and fresh, an Eau De Parfum concentration is ideal for wearing during the summer months.

With a higher concentration of alcohol to lift the notes, an Eau De Parfum projects with more impact than a pure Parfum, which sits closer to the skin for longer throughout the day.

Join us as we take a look into the very best Eau De Parfums for men such as the iconic Burlington 1819, and Eau De Parfums for women, such as the alluring Reckless Pour Femme. We also explore the creative ways in which Citrus notes are worked in to give them that ultimate summer freshness.
 A Midsummer Dream

A Midsummer Dream
100ml Eau De Parfum £295
Like sunlight piercing through trees into the opening of a woodland glade, a prominent note of Grapefruit shines onto a base of Woods and Mosses. Taking respite from the sun - back against the trunk of a great oak tree - you begin to drift off. A spell of aromatic Pink Pepper, Cardamom and sparkling Aldehydes create a dream-like state that whisk the senses off to a magical realm.

 Burlington 1819 Eau De Parfum

Burlington 1819
100ml Eau De Parfum £295
A long-lasting and sophisticated Citrus perfume, 1819 opens with the freshness of four zesty fruits: Grapefruit, Lime, Mandarin, and Bitter Orange. A complex collection of base notes enables the Citrus to linger on the skin even in the warmest of weather, all whilst invigorating Mint, Ginger and Rum create the feeling of enjoying an icy cocktail from the comfort of a sun lounger.

Oceania Eau De Parfum 

100ml Eau De Parfum £295
Avoiding synthetic marine notes to evoke an olfactive seascape, Oceania is crafted from high-quality natural materials that create the sensation of sun, sea and island air. Juicy and sunny at once, a prominent accord of six Citrus fruits feel like sun shining onto a watery tide. Green notes of Moss and Herbs create a verdant shoreline from which a tropical island breeze of Jasmine and airy Orris sweeps across.

 Elysium Eau De Parfum

100ml Eau De Parfum £245
An icon all year round, Elysium is without doubt the perfect summer spritz. Prominent top notes of Grapefruit and Lime mingle with Apple, Blackcurrant and Juniper Berry to create a juicy fruit salad, as hints of uplifting Herbs lend further freshness. For those looking for a Citrus scent as easy-going as summer itself, Elysium is a failsafe choice.

 Apec Eau De Parfum

100ml Eau De Parfum £265
Like sun rays streaming through a canopy of trees bearing juicy fruits, Apex creates the vivid scent of tropical jungle. A green Chypré base creates a verdant bed of notes which are freshened by a healthy squeeze of Pineapple, Lemon and Bergamot. Leading the pack, a main note of Red Mandarin makes the Citrus effect feel smooth and sunny.

Vetiver Eau De Parfum 

100ml Eau De Parfum £245
The root of an Indian grass, the green and smoky note of Vetiver is put to centre stage and built out into an uplifting fragrance. Like a fresh breeze blowing through a field of green, a healthy dosing of Citrus notes lend immense lift to the Vetiver experience. The zest of Lemon, Bergamot and Litsea is given further elevation through a sprinkling of aromatic Pink and Black Peppers, to make the root feel somewhat weightless.

 Scandal Eau De Parfum

100ml Eau De Parfum £245
With the inherent freshness of a Fougère accord, Scandal is the type of scent that turns heads with its ability to create an impact. A tart note of Rhubarb blends into the leading notes of Lemon and Bergamot, which are lifted sky-high by the aromatic freshness of Spearmint, Lavender, Basil and Tarragon. But don’t feel too intimidated by its outgoing disposition, as a creamy base note of Tonka Bean smooths the entire experience.

Reckless Eau De Parfum 

100ml Eau De Parfum £245
With Reckless, a base of Sandalwood – a milky material which creates the sensation of skin that has been warmed by the sun – becomes sweet and pillowy-soft as Vanilla and Benzoin fold in. This smooth and indulgent quality is given a refreshing lift through notes of Bergamot, Mandarin and Orange which brightens this creamy creation.

 Elixir Eau De Parfum

100ml Eau De Parfum £245
In Elixir, the sharp, zesty edge of Bergamot is used to temper the sweetness of Raspberry Peach and Heliotrope. This juicy fruit cocktail appears to lend a dewy sensation to the voluptuous heart of Rose de Mai – a cooling Floral note which establishes Elixir as an elegant creation through-and-through.

Danger Eau De Parfum

100ml Eau De Parfum £245
Danger acts as a warning to those who smell it on you: once they come close they may not be able to turn away! With this concentration, the rich Ambrée tones of Danger Parfum are re-imagined with an increased dosing of Lemon and Bergamot for a sunnier experience. For those who love a sensual fragrance but want it fit for the summer season, Danger is ideal.

 Enigma Eau De Parfum

100ml Eau De Parfum £245
Lending an ambery glow to the depth of Enigma Parfum, an increased dose of Bergamot, Lemon and Mandarin transforms this Cognac and Tobacco Parfum into a brighter version of itself. Like watching a blazing sun dip below the horizon from a rooftop bar, Enigma Parfum Cologne utilises the impact of Citrus notes to create a sumptuous summertime experience.

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