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Aoud – perhaps one of the most alluring words in the language of perfumery. Synonymous with the Middle East, Aoud has been a staple of Arabic culture for centuries.

Obtained from the resinous heartwood of the Aquilaria tree, the Agarwood becomes diseased. Leaving the wood dense and resinous, when distilled away, the precious material of Aoud is ready to enchant the senses.

The wood can be burnt as a form of Incense (known as Bakhoor) throughout the home or clothing, or made into a fragrant oil to apply to the skin Considered part of the Wood family of olfactive notes, Aoud is revered for is enveloping warmth and lasting power.

Over recent years, Oud fragrances have made their way into the global perfume market. Captivating the Western sensibility, it has remained far from a fad as it finds its place as the word on everyone’s lips.

With many unique fragrances created by Roja Dove, there is sure to be a scent in our Aoud Collection to help you say “Eid Mubarak” .
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Aoud Parfum
Aoud is a creation which pays homage to the traditional blend of Rose, Saffron and Aoud whilst giving it a contemporary twist for the modern era.

Amber Aoud
Amber Aoud is a sweet and sumptuous scent which blends the sweetness of Fig and Benzoin with the spicy warmth of Vanilla, onto a traditional Aoud base.

Musk Aoud
Musk Aoud is a unique interpretation which marries the dry, woody warmth of the Chypré‑style with the traditionally Middle Eastern styling of Aoud.

Sweetie Aoud
Sweetie Aoud is a mouth‑watering gourmand creation which blends a unique Patisserie‑Accord onto an exotic bed of Frankincense and Aoud.

Enigma Aoud
Enigma Aoud is an exotic interpretation of our iconic Enigma Parfum, which places the sweetness of Rose, Peach, Sandalwood and Vanilla onto an Aoud base.
Harrods Aoud
Harrods Aoud is a scent which transforms the Rose‑Aoud combination into something which is both uniquely earthy and spicy in unison.

Taif Aoud
Taif Aoud is a scent which puts the elegance of Roses from both France and Saudi Arabia to centre‑stage.
United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates is a scent which brings the traditional materials of Rose‑Aoud style into the modern era with a lively addition of Blackcurrant and Pink Pepper.

Sultanate of Oman
Sultanate of Oman is a deep and woody creation which transports the wearer away through a blend of Frankincense and Saffron on a bed of Sandal and Aoud Woods.

Qatar is a uniquely exotic accord where the sweetness of flowers, fruits and a Candyfloss note mingle with precious woods and spices.

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