How to Wear Your Luxury Perfume & Cologne

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When you invest your hard-earned money into a fragrance - especially one as luxurious as a Roja Parfums creation - you will want to get the most out of every drop of the precious liquid inside.

As scent sits closely to the skin, it is a very intimate style statement, whether it is a light Eau de Parfum or a luxurious pure Parfum. The mere act of wearing and applying it can be a subtle art as there a number of variables that can impact the ability for others to smell it on you. 

So, follow our tips on how to apply cologne and where to spray perfume, to discover how to get the most from your scent.

Common Mistakes -
Scenting yourself is a daily ritual but applying it need not be an art form. Knowing what not to do is the art itself.

  1. For those of you dabbing it behind each ear, don’t! The sebaceous glands there could potentially cause the scent to “turn”.
  1. Never spray onto your wrists and rub them together. This will crush the molecules and affect the projection of your perfume. Spray nozzles were invented for a reason!
  1. Misting perfume into the air and walking into it is a good way to get extra droplets on your clothes but as perfume is oil these can stain fabrics. Let alone waste lots of it in the air.
  1. Spraying onto places covered by clothing is a waste! As layers cover the spray point, all they do is hide the ability for the perfume to project.

How to use your fragrance effectively -
It is important to understand that fragrance is a blend of oil and ethanol. The alcohol is vital as it is what enables the oil to project. As it evaporates, it lifts the scent with it, which is what creates sillage – the trail of scent that others will smell.

To get the most from your fragrance, follow these four rules:

  • Spray onto pulse points – areas of the body where the blood is closer to the skin. Your natural body heat will heat up the fragrance and encourage it to dissipate, meaning the scent molecules release into the air. This is how you – and those around you – will better detect your odour.
  • Quantity is key! Learn what works by starting with a light application and reapplying as needed. You can ask a friend if the strength is appropriate as it is common to become “nose blind” to your own scent.
  • Keep it safe! Store bottles at room temperature of below and keep them out of direct sunlight or too close to a warm radiator, as heat and light are what affects it’s integrity.
  • Enjoy it whilst you have it! Saving scent “for best” means you rarely get to enjoy it. Scent is there to be enjoyed, so make every day an indulgence and worry about it running out when that time comes. Fragrances lasts a lot longer than you expect.

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